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I am married to a Great Guy - Charlie.  We have a beautiful daughter, Charese, who is a JOY to have.  We love the outdoors, watching movies, reading and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking.  There are other hobbies as well.  I love to meet new people and share my love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with people.

Some Thoughts

Hello everyone - As I sit here watching television with my husband and work on the lap top I am excited to say that I am getting back in the grove. Yes back into the scrapbooking groove. I finished 4 pages today, and 10 yesterday - which I will post at a later date. It is just a start and I am a little behind my goal of one a day for the year but I am catching up fast. I am also very busy preparing my class samples - I am working on March's class which is a Chaos class so it is different types of cards for different occassions. I think I have them thought out in my head but not down on paper yet. I am excited to say that I am also catching up on projects that I started in my craft room but did not finish. I finished 119 cards over the weekend (my daughter was sick so it was a stay in and around the house weekend)that were taking up space in my craft room. Glad to have them done. It is very fulfilling and a calming feeling when you finish projects and meet goals - not to mention getting to cross off items off the to do list.

I hope that there are some of you that are meeting your goals (new years resolutions)and getting to cross off things off your to do lists.

In working hard on all of this though I do have to stop and thank my husband and my daughter for being patient while I sit in my room and work away. Also a big thank you to my husband who cooked dinner yesterday and today so that I could stay working away. It is so wonderful to have the support of my family while I am getting my groove back on and trying to finish up some of these albums.

Sweet dreams everyone. Until next blog...