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I am married to a Great Guy - Charlie.  We have a beautiful daughter, Charese, who is a JOY to have.  We love the outdoors, watching movies, reading and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking.  There are other hobbies as well.  I love to meet new people and share my love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with people.

Happy Holidays to you all

Hello everyone - I am sure that you all are as busy as I am with the Holiday Season upon us. Today I started the Christmas baking. I finished one batch of cookies and got the peanut butter cups mixed up so I can make them tomorrow along with Monster cookies. Now monster cookies is probably not a traditional Christmas cookie but I don't make them very often and Charlie loves them. So we added it to the list this year. If I stick to my schedule I should be good and not get stressed out. We will see how it goes. Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures of us doing our Christmas baking and such.

I hope that this Holiday season finds you all healthy and enjoying the season. God bless you all! Merry Christmas.

Charese 2 Year Album Vol. #1

This is Charese at 2 years old. This is Volume 1 of 3. I have all the pages done, however, I don't have the title and journaling done on all of the pages yet. Baby steps - I will get it done. But if you would like to see the pages in this book just click on the title and it will bring your there. This was one of my favorite two page spread - she is finding the jellybeans that the Easter Bunny left behind. So cute. Hope you enjoy.

Some Pages I recently finished

Here are some pages I worked on yesterday. It was so nice to sit down and scrapbook for a little while. I finished 15 pages. Almost done with Charese's first Volume of her at 2 years old. Two more volumes to go.

Better get to work. Here is a quick view of a couple of my favs - click on title to view the rest of the pages.