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I am married to a Great Guy - Charlie.  We have a beautiful daughter, Charese, who is a JOY to have.  We love the outdoors, watching movies, reading and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking.  There are other hobbies as well.  I love to meet new people and share my love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with people.

YEAH!!!! I Did IT

I am so excited to report that I did it - I accomplished one of my goals.  I finished an entire album today.  Okay well I have a page that after I did the journaling I didn't like it so I am redoing that, and I have a two pg spread that I am waiting for a specific paper to come in and then it will be done.  For the most part though this book is done and up to date as of today.  Granted I did not do all the pages today - I have been working on it though all week.

It is Charese's portrait book.  Baby photos to her current 3 rd grade Fall picture.  I am so excited to have this done and off my to do list.  Here are a couple of my favorite pages click on the title to view the slide show of the rest of the pages.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed doing all the pages.  It certainly brought back memories.  Oh how I wish I could keep her little.  Thanks for sharing with me.

Card Chaos Class 2010

This is another card class I will be offering through Community Education programs.  Please check out the schedule and places being offered so you can register for one of them today.  I would love to meet you at one of my classes.  Click on the title to view the slide show.  We will be making 6 different cards two of each them for a total of 12.

The paper and design of these cards is subject to change prior to class.  However, I try to stick to what I have shown on my blog here.  I really hope to see you at one of the classes - there coming up fast so register today. 
Buffalo Community Education Tuesday, March 2 6:00 to 8:30 pm
Howard Lake Community Education Tuesday, March 9 6:00 to 8:30 pm
Maple Plain/Orono Community Education Monday, March 15 6:00 to 8:30 pm
Delano Community Education Tuesday, March 16 6:00 to 8:30 pm
Howard Lake Community Education Thursday, March 18 6:00 to 8:30 pm
Rockford Community Education Monday, March 22 6:00 to 8:30 pm
Watertown/Mayer Community Education Tuesday, March 23 6:00 to 8:30 pm

Please call the Community Education office in the city your looking to register for.  Again I hope to see you at a class.

Please remember that if you can't attend one of the classes due to your busy schedule you can purchase the workshop kit from me or if you get two or three friends together I will do the class for you at your house or mine - so email me if you have questions regarding that at tlbcreates@comcast.net.  Thank you.

Chareses 4 Yr Album

Again another album, if you haven't figured it out I do Charese's Albums by her age.  Lots of pictures, lots of pages after all she is my only child.  Take a look at the pages I have completed so far.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Charese 5 Year Album

Here is another album of Charese's. If you would like to take a look at some pages in here then click on the title. Here are a couple of my favorites.  Enjoy!!

Some Pages I finished recently

The link above is to Charese's 3 Year Album. I did up a 14 page spread for this album the other night it was really fun and went pretty fast. I haven't finished all the embellishments, journaling, and titling yet so they are still works in process but was overall pretty happy with the pages. You can click on the title to see all the pages for this album but here are pictures of a few of the 14 pages I really liked.  These aren't in order it isn't loading them the best today

Hello Everyone News Update

Hello everyone,

Well yesterday I got laid off of my part-time job. I knew it could happen so it is okay. I am hoping I can kick out some scrapbook pages and card classes this way. I am also setting a goal to learn some new techniques this summer so maybe I will start those early and learn some new things. I will post what I learn.

Have any of you learned some new techniques. If so share with me here. I would love to see them.

Well just wanted to share the news I received today - hope all is good in your neck of the woods.

Another Weekend Here and Gone

Hello everyone,

Well I managed to have another successful weekend and finished 14 pages. They were all about a show we went and saw when Charese was 3 years old at the target center. It was nice to accomplish some pages though again. I was hoping on Sunday to complete several more pages plus my card samples for my March Workshops but I got extremely tired and took a nap and then had visitors and well I didn't get done what I wanted to. So only 14 pages for the weekend but I think that is pretty good since I wasn't get anything done before. Now hopefully I can get a good night sleep tonight and come home tomorrow from work and get several more things on my to do list done. I have a busy week planned and want to finish two albums this week (by Saturday) one is to bring up to date Charese's Portrait Album, and her Kidnergarten book. That is a pretty big task for a week but we will see what happens.

I will post pictures of my 14 pages a little later and post them for you.

I also teach on Tuesday in Rockford my Just Because Card Class - if you would like to take the class this would be a great place to take it. It starts at 6 pm.

Well it is time to close for the evening. Have a good night everyone and I will blog with you soon.


Some Thoughts

Hello everyone - As I sit here watching television with my husband and work on the lap top I am excited to say that I am getting back in the grove. Yes back into the scrapbooking groove. I finished 4 pages today, and 10 yesterday - which I will post at a later date. It is just a start and I am a little behind my goal of one a day for the year but I am catching up fast. I am also very busy preparing my class samples - I am working on March's class which is a Chaos class so it is different types of cards for different occassions. I think I have them thought out in my head but not down on paper yet. I am excited to say that I am also catching up on projects that I started in my craft room but did not finish. I finished 119 cards over the weekend (my daughter was sick so it was a stay in and around the house weekend)that were taking up space in my craft room. Glad to have them done. It is very fulfilling and a calming feeling when you finish projects and meet goals - not to mention getting to cross off items off the to do list.

I hope that there are some of you that are meeting your goals (new years resolutions)and getting to cross off things off your to do lists.

In working hard on all of this though I do have to stop and thank my husband and my daughter for being patient while I sit in my room and work away. Also a big thank you to my husband who cooked dinner yesterday and today so that I could stay working away. It is so wonderful to have the support of my family while I am getting my groove back on and trying to finish up some of these albums.

Sweet dreams everyone. Until next blog...