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I am married to a Great Guy - Charlie.  We have a beautiful daughter, Charese, who is a JOY to have.  We love the outdoors, watching movies, reading and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking.  There are other hobbies as well.  I love to meet new people and share my love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with people.

First Week of August

The fair is done for a little while - my daughter is in 4H and one a state fair trip in one of her General Exhibits.  So we will be off to the state fair the end of August.  But for now we have a little break and so I quickly got back in the groove and I am working on Finishing her Level 4 Gymnastics Book.

I just about finished 14 pages this weekend - I have a little work left so I am hoping to post pictures soon.  These 14 pages were of her Far and Away meet in Milwaukee.  I only have one more meet left to do the pages for and this Album will be complete.  I am waiting for some paper to come in to finish those pages.

I am a little off on my Goals for the summer so I am hoping to catch up here and get back on track.  Lots of Journaling and Titling to do and let me tell you sometimes I think that those two things are as much work as doing the whole layout of a page.  But I am slowly getting there. 

Well hope you all had a productive weekend.  I will post those pictures soon until then keep SCRAPPIN'!!

Some additional Pages I finished

Here are some additional pages I finished for my daughters gymnastic album.

Gymnastic Pages I completed

Here are some pages I completed for my daughter.  They are her gymnastic pages for her Level 4 competitive season 2011/2012.  Hope you enjoy them.  I am so close to having this book done for her.  YEAH!!  It is such an awesome feeling to complete albums.  Stayed tuned for more pages from this album.  I am busy working and getting back on track.  Oh I love putting memories down on paper.
Petal Paper and Black paper by CTMH, D1433 My Game Stamp Set by CTMH

Petal Paper and Black Paper by CTMH, title done on Cricut, brads by CTMH
Bamboo Paper by CTMH, title done on Cricut

Bamboo Paper by CTMH

Blue paper by CTMH, Lettering done on Cricut,
Page Layout design from CTMH Magic Book page 50 and 51

Blue Paper by CTMH, Lettering done on Cricut, Stamp Set D1433 CTMH, Pattern Paper and embellishments from other sources
Blue paper is CTMH, pattern paper and embellishments other source
This page and next the layout is from the CTMH Magic Book pgs 114 and 115

Blue Paper CTMH, pattern paper and embellishments other source

Blue paper is CTMH, Stamp set D1433 My Game CTMH, pattern paper is other source

this is a locker poster that I made for her locker

 black and Pattern Paper from CTMH; this is a pocket page
Page layout for this page and next is from CTMH Magic Book pages 22 and 23
Paper is from CTMH, embellishments are from Jolee Line

Paper is from CTMH, Page Layout for this and next page are from CTMH Magic Bk pgs 82& 83

This page and the next layout design is from CTMH Imagine Bk pages 72 & 73
Pattern Paper is other source, Title is done with stencil, embellishments other source

This page and next layout design is from CTMH Imagine Bk pages 60 & 61
Letter F is chipboard from CTMH, ribbon other source
Here is a close up of the letter, writing on ribbon tags is with a stencil

this page was turned into a pocket page

This layout and the next are done using design from CTMH Imagine Bk pgs 98 &99
Titling done on cricut, embellishments other source

Page layout this and next page done with CTMH Cherish Bk pgs 58 & 59
Flower and circle chipboards are CTMH, ribbon is other source

This page and next are done using CTMH Magic Bk pages 50 & 51
Paper, buttons, chipboard pieces by CTMH, glitter embellishments other source

This page and next are done using CTMH Imagine Bk Pages 18 & 19
Paper, and Letters in title from CTMH, other embellishments other source

This paper is other source, Sparkle flourishes, white and black paper CTMH