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I am married to a Great Guy - Charlie.  We have a beautiful daughter, Charese, who is a JOY to have.  We love the outdoors, watching movies, reading and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking.  There are other hobbies as well.  I love to meet new people and share my love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with people.

First Week of August

The fair is done for a little while - my daughter is in 4H and one a state fair trip in one of her General Exhibits.  So we will be off to the state fair the end of August.  But for now we have a little break and so I quickly got back in the groove and I am working on Finishing her Level 4 Gymnastics Book.

I just about finished 14 pages this weekend - I have a little work left so I am hoping to post pictures soon.  These 14 pages were of her Far and Away meet in Milwaukee.  I only have one more meet left to do the pages for and this Album will be complete.  I am waiting for some paper to come in to finish those pages.

I am a little off on my Goals for the summer so I am hoping to catch up here and get back on track.  Lots of Journaling and Titling to do and let me tell you sometimes I think that those two things are as much work as doing the whole layout of a page.  But I am slowly getting there. 

Well hope you all had a productive weekend.  I will post those pictures soon until then keep SCRAPPIN'!!