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I am married to a Great Guy - Charlie.  We have a beautiful daughter, Charese, who is a JOY to have.  We love the outdoors, watching movies, reading and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking.  There are other hobbies as well.  I love to meet new people and share my love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with people.

Getting the PERFECT PAPER!

Wow! I haven't been out here for awhile so again new year resolution is to get out here and post some stuff hopefully pages I am doing.  Lots of goals this year.
You can see in the top left the three black dots I started with.

Here I have a few more done. I am starting to think Why did I do this!

This page now done with black dots.

This one is completely done.

This page took the longest.  I love it though.

Here is why it takes me so long to get pages done though. I had this great red paper with white polk a dots on it. However, in Charese's costume it was red with black polk a dots so you guessed it I made my own red paper with black polk a dots. Here is the transformation. I took the red and white paper and some CTMH glitter back sticky back Shimmer Trim and a hole punch and made my own red and black polk a dot paper. It was a lot of punching. Sore fingers. I would like to say I am done but I am duplicating this page so I have to do it again. Hope you enjoy!